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Hardneck Garlic Cloves. Unpeeled

Hardneck Garlic Cloves. Unpeeled

SKU: Garlic Cloves 1 lb
$27.66 Regular Price
$22.66Sale Price

In this package, we will provide you with fresh garlic cloves, that have already been separated from the garlic cloves.  These are unpeeled garlic cloves with their protective wrappers still in place.


You will receive a variety of Hardneck Garlic Cloves.  You can plant the cloves or use them for cooking.  


Hardneck garlic has an authentic garlic flavor and is large and attractive. The plump cloves, usually four to seven to a bulb, are easy to peel, delicious to eat, and store longer than most types of garlic.  We offer a mix of many different hardneck garlic cultivars including "Music",  "Ivan", "Rosewood",  "German Extra Hardy", "Rosewood", "Yellowstone", "Purple Glazer", and "Bogatyr"...



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