PURPLE GLAZER CULINARY (Hardneck, Glazed Purple Stripe)

PURPLE GLAZER CULINARY (Hardneck, Glazed Purple Stripe)

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Purple Glazer is known for being one of the best garlic for baking, cooking and eating raw. It has moderate heat that is not over-powering making it perfect for dishes that call for raw garlic (pesto, salsa, bruschetta and dips).  When cooked, it produces warm, rich and complex flavors. Cloves are moderate to large in size and are easy to peel.  




The complex color pallet and vivid hues makes this a very attractive garlic. Wrappers have a white, glazed, matte-metallic appearance. The parchment-like wrappers have a vivid-purple color with occasional splashes of silver, magenta, plum and lavender.  Cloves are fitted around the central, hardneck stem and numbers vary between five to twelve per head.  


Apparently, this garlic was first collected in 1986, from Mchadijvari.  Purple Glazer garlic, botanically classified as Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon, and is a hardneck variety originally from Central Asia. Known as Mchadijvari #1 in the Republic of Georgia, Purple Glazer garlic is one of a few cultivated varieties from the glazed purple stripe group of garlic.  This group was named for their glazed wrappers and purple cloves and DNA studies have confirmed these characteristics to be unique to the group.  Purple Glazer garlic is a Glazed Purple Stripe type and is genetically different from Purple Stripes and Marbled Purple Stripes.


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    Purple Glazer is planted in the fall, soon after the first frost and a few weeks before the first hard frost. The seed garlic bulbs should be taken apart into separate cloves not long before planting. Hardneck garlic requires vernalization (exposure to a period of cold temperatures) before or after planting. Plant cloves two inches deep, the pointed side up. Garlic does best with a loose soil with very good drainage and a pH of 7.0 optimum. Plant in an area with full sun exposure.


    BOTANICAL NAME: Allium sativum

    LIFE CYCLE: Annual

    GARLIC TYPE: Hardneck

    GARLIC HARDNECK TYPE: Glazed Purple Stripe

    DAYS TO MATURITY: 275 days


    Quantities are limited; order early for best availability.

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