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Black Garlic

Black Garlic

SKU: Black Garlic 10

Our Black Garlic is Sweet, Complex, and has the Consistency of a Gummy Bear.  Each Batch Sells Out Quicky.   Our Black Garlic is Amazing.  Yes, This Sounds, Pompous, though we are sincere. 


We are Offering Garlic's, Sweet Secret.  Our Black Garlic has a Legendary Flavor Profile.


Each Unit Contains 10 Individual Black Garlic Cloves.


Our Hardneck Black Garlic Takes Twelve (12) Months to Make!    It is a long process for sure. It takes nine months from planting to harvest our pure hardneck garlic, and a month of curing and drying.  The final transition occurs in our custom Black-Garlic Fermentor, where the hardneck garlic is finely aged to perfection, which takes yet another month.   The results are amazing!


Our Hardneck Black Garlic has exceptional sweetness and the consistency is soft and chewy.  The flavor is a synthesis of tangly dried apricot, aged balsamic vinegar, slight garlic overtones, and a hint of dates and palm sugar. 




    Our Hardneck Garlic is Grown at over 5,000 Feet Above Sea Level, in the Foothills of the Hyalite Mountains near Bozeman, Montana.  We Grow our Garlic Naturally Without the use of Herbicides, Pesticides, and Bioengineered Genes (GMOs).


    BOTANICAL NAME: Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon

    LIFE CYCLE: Annual

    GARLIC TYPE: Hardneck

    DAYS TO MATURITY: 240-280 days


    Quantities are Limited.  Our Black Garlic is Made in Individual, Small Batches.  

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