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Don't settle for your average supermarket garlic. GroEat Farm offers fresh, organic garlic in dozens of delicious varieties. Our traditional hardneck variety is packed with flavor and aroma. We encourage all customers to try our entire lineup of delectable garlic. Chesnok Red packs a punch of flavor and sweet heat. Georgian Crystal surprises with a mellow, buttery flavor. Music will make you sing with delight as you take in its earthy sweetness. These are only a small sample of the unique flavors you can experiment with in your cooking. Based in Bozeman, Montana, GroEat Farm is your friendly and knowledgeable garlic supplier. We provide culinary garlic, grown naturally, for home and restaurant use, as well as seed garlic for all your garlic planting needs. We use organic fertilizer and natural, expert growing techniques to raise premium-grade garlic that exceeds expectations.


Grown globally for over 5,000 years, garlic has been used in everything from cooking to medicine. Its iconic bulb shape makes it easy to peel, chop, crush, and use in a variety of dishes. But garlic doesn't just taste great, it also packs essential nutrients. It sports several B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorous, copper, and selenium. Garlic's sulfur compounds promote cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and endocrine health. It ranks among nature's most potent anti-inflammatories and detoxifiers.


Many are familiar with softneck varieties of garlic found in grocery stores, but few have experienced the superior flavor and storage life of hardneck garlic that we grow. Some varities are exceptionally spicy, others sweet. Some are even buttery and mellow.  Many will last for over 6 months in a cool location.  Many have different tastes depending on how they're eaten and cooked. We recommend our customers to experiment with different types of garlic to create truly amazing dishes. Contact us today to place your order of fresh, natural garlic.

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