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Hardneck Garlic

  Hardneck Garlic for Sale

If you shop exclusively at supermarkets, chances are you've only seen one or two types of garlic. GroEat Farm offers a diverse selection of pure, fresh garlic, grown with love and without pesticides or herbicides. Each unique cultivar or variety offers a truly unique flavor and aroma. Many top-rated restaurants use our garlic to create unique and unforgettable dishes. Whether you're looking for a spicy punch, a sweet heat, or a mellow and buttery flavor, we have the perfect garlic for you. If you're new to the garlic scene, we recommend trying our hardneck garlic and purple stripe types. Whether you eat them raw, baked, grilled, or roasted, you'll notice a more powerful flavor and aroma. Chefs from around the world have used garlic in their cooking for thousands of years. It's our mission to continue that tradition by offering the highest quality of garlic for sale to customers like you.


Garlic's versatility is truly unmatched. It enhances soups, meat and vegetable dishes, fish, pasta, stir-fries, bakes, melts, and just about anything you think of. But not all garlic is created equal. GroEat Farm follows Naturally-Grown guidelines to cultivate and grow the most flavorful and aromatic garlic in Montana. Our garlic grows in nutrient-rich soil and scientifically backed growing techniques. All of our hardneck garlic varieties are leagues above your standard supermarket garlic. From our Spanish Roja to the Persian Star to the Russian Doukhobor, each of our garlic types brings something unique to the table.


Whether you're a professional chef or a garlic connoisseur, we welcome you to experience the tastes and aromas that only GroEat Farm can offer.  Visit our website to browse our garlic for sale and place your order today!

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