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Seed Garlic

  Where to Buy Seed Garlic?

Different strains of garlic offer different flavors and aromas. Some are better eaten raw, while others do better baked or roasted. Two garlic plants from the same strain can differ greatly in taste and quality depending on how they were grown. At GroEat Farm, we follow naturall-grown standards to cultivate high-quality garlic for cooking and growing. Our garlic seed grows exceptionally well even in the fickle Montana weather. Don't settle for stale supermarket garlic. Choose pure, fresh garlic from a local grower you can trust. As a family-owned and operated farm, GroEat Farm is your source for culinary garlic packed with flavor and nutrients. Our website features in-depth information and guides on everything you need to know about garlic. Learn how to grow garlic in your own backyard, try out a few recipes, and place your order today.


With over 30 years of experience, we know a thing or two about how to grow garlic. It starts with rich soil and an ideal climate. The diverse climate of Bozeman Montana and the mineral-rich soil provide the perfect environment for truly outstanding hardneck garlic. Our plants endure the whims of Mother Nature to produce hardy garlic bulbs ideal for all your growing needs. Whether you're a gardener, chef, or nursery owner, we want to share our incredible garlic seed with you. We raise our garlic without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to ensure the most robust flavors and nutrition.  Do you need to buy garlic or order garlic online?  Visit our website to place your order today!  

Even though it appears from looking at seed catalogs that there are many garlic cultivars, DNA analysis indicates that many of them are clones of each other and have merely been renamed.

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