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GROeat Farm Newsletter 2022

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Welcome to the  2022 GroEat Farm Newsletter !  Our hope is to keep you up -to date with what has been happening on our Montana Garlic Farm.


Our 2022 Hardneck Garlic is Available for Purchase.   We will begin shipping in September 2022.  Here is a list of garlic available from GroEat Farm.

Please contact me if you have questions, or if you want to discuss a custom order.  I'm here to help!  

Click here to Contact Jere Folgert.

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“Garlic is divine. Few food items can taste so many distinct ways, handled correctly. Misuse of garlic is a crime...Please, treat your garlic with respect...Avoid at all costs that vile spew you see rotting in oil in screwtop jars. Too lazy to peel fresh? You don't deserve to eat garlic.”    ― Anthony Bourdain

Garlic is surprisingly easy to grow.   Though getting the timing right is important.  We typically plant our garlic around Halloween, just before the first frost.  Harvest typically occurs about nine months later, in late July.  


Garlic grows well in a place that is not shaded during the day.  The full sun helps the plant thrive.  Ideally, plant garlic away from shade trees and the shadow of your home.  Before planting, prepare the soil by mixing in a healthy helping of compost or aged manure.  Work the compost and manure into your soil.  Before planting garlic cloves, work fertilizer, bonemeal, or fish meal into the soil several inches below where the base of the garlic cloves will rest.  Garlic are heavy feeders and will need additional nitrogen after they emerge from the soil in late Spring.  

This year, we employed a battery-operated cutting tool, to help us release the stem and leaf structure from the garlic bulbs.  I would highly recommend this tool.  In addition to helping us cut the garlic stems, this tool also works well for trimming branches and other garden growth.  Though, be extra careful, as the cutting tool does not distinguish between a plant and a finger or thumb!

Here are a few photos from our 2022 Harvest Activities.

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