Do You Love Garlic?

I'm beginning to feel like my great love of garlic is a bit ... crazy.  When I was six, I helped my grandma plant and harvest garlic.  My grandma immigrated to the United States from Poland.  My dad told me this.  When I was little I'd take a bite out of a garlic clove as if it were a donut, and she and my dad would take it away from me because they thought it was gross or bad for me in some way.  I remember being in kindergarten and having one of my favorite foods be a raw garlic.

Now that I'm an adult I literally put garlic and in everything, but who doesn't, right?  Chicken & Garlic with Fresh Herbs, Mozzarella Mushrooms with Garlic Toast, Garlic Salmon Linguine, Garlic Lime Salmon, Garlic-Mashed Rutabagas & Potatoes, Onion-Garlic Bubble Bread, and Au Gratin Garlic Potatoes.  I could eat a bowl of caramelized garlic and fermented black garlic as if it were a meal in and of itself.

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what is going to cause controversy. It’s hard to imagine a garden vegetable ever being controversial, but there are plenty of strong opinions.

Aside from the bad breath it may give me, my love of garlic is a bit over-the top and weird.  So, let's hear it: How much do you love garlic?

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