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Garlic Farm

An Outstanding Garlic Farm in Bozeman, Montana


There's something special about naturally grown, pure garlic grown under the Montana sun. GroEat provides premium quality garlic for cooking, growing, and resale. We abide by standards to raise gourmet garlic that's as much a treat for the eyes as the taste buds. As an independently owned and operated garlic grower, we deliver the quality, value, and service you deserve.  Our garlic is naturally grown without pesticides or fake fertilizers.

We nurture our garlic naturally.  Our hardneck garlic is grown using organic methods. We nurture our garlic naturally.  Our garlic is free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Our garlic is family-farmed, naturally grown garlic.


You may be wondering what sets our garlic farm apart from the supermarkets. Grocery stores usually carry only one type of garlic - the white softneck. But did you know that there are over a dozen different varieties of garlic? We raise some of the most exotic and flavorful types of garlic from the hardneck porcelain to a wide range of purple stripes. Each has a unique aroma, texture, and flavor. Add these to your cooking and you'll be delighted at the difference. No more sifting through the limited garlic options that have been sitting on supermarket shelves for weeks. GroEat can deliver culinary garlic directly to your restaurant or provide you with our very own seed garlic for growing. Our farm specializes in growing garlic and garlic alone, so you can trust in the quality of our product.


Few ingredients are as versatile as garlic. Our fresh garlic enhances the flavor of virtually any dish. Raised with care using the highest quality of soil, our selection of garlic is preferred by professional chefs, home growers, and local fresh food markets. We're pleased to share our passion for garlic with you. Visit our website to learn more about the wonders of garlic and place your order today!

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