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Garlic Books

Garlic Books: A Guide to the Best Books on Garlic

Garlic is a delicious and versatile vegetable that has been used for centuries for its culinary and medicinal properties. There are many books available on the subject of garlic, covering everything from growing and harvesting garlic to using garlic in recipes and home remedies.

Here are a few of the best books on garlic:

  • The Complete Book of Garlic: A Guide for Gardeners, Growers, and Serious Cooks by Meredith Jordan: This book is a comprehensive guide to everything garlic. It covers everything from growing garlic to using garlic in recipes.

  • Growing Great Garlic: The Definitive Guide for Organic Gardeners and Small Farmers by Ron L. Engeland: This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to grow their own garlic. It covers everything from choosing the right variety of garlic to planting and harvesting garlic.

  • Growing Gourmet Garlic for Profit by Craig Wallin: This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to grow garlic for commercial purposes. It covers everything from choosing the right variety of garlic to marketing and selling garlic.

  • Garlic, an Edible Biography: The History, Politics, and Mythology behind the World's Most Pungent Food--with over 100 Recipes by Robin Cherry: This book is a fascinating look at the history and culture of garlic. It includes recipes from around the world, as well as information on the medicinal properties of garlic.

These are just a few of the many great books on garlic that are available. If you are interested in learning more about this delicious and versatile vegetable, I encourage you to check out one of these books.

What to Look for in a Garlic Book

When choosing a book on garlic, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The author's credentials: Make sure that the author is a credible source of information on garlic.

  • The book's scope: Make sure that the book covers the topics that you are interested in learning about.

  • The book's style: Some people prefer books that are written in a more technical style, while others prefer books that are written in a more casual style.

  • The book's reviews: Read reviews of the book to see what other people have thought of it.

Suggested Reading on Garlic

complete book garlic.jpg

An essential element in cuisines around the world, garlic enjoys near-mythic status among cooks, chefs, foodies, and enthusiasts of natural remedies. Worldwide, garlic cultivation occupies over 2 million acres of farmland, an area that has more than doubled since 1970. Yet even garlic fanciers may be unable to tell hardneck from softneck, or Purple Stripe from Rocambole, not to mention the hundreds of cultivated varieties grown today, many with distinct differences in taste and character.

In fact, the wealth of garlic varieties in nearly a dozen horticultural groups rivals that of corn, carrots, apples, and peaches. This book is the most comprehensive and in-depth guide available to what surely should be the next gourmet frontier. From 'Ajo Rojo' to 'Zemo', Meredith presents illustrated profiles of nearly 150 cultivars. Detailed chapters cover natural history, the history of garlic in cultivation, the nuances of cuisine and culture, therapeutic benefits, plant structure, how to cultivate, curing and storage, taxonomy, pests and diseases, and chemistry.  Especially useful are the Quick Guides, which summarize information on growing and buying garlic and provide recommendations for the best-tasting cultivars for specific uses and climates. Lists of garlic sources and organizations are a boon to the aficionado. Whether you share Ted Jordan Meredith's "garlic affliction" or just find the pungent bulb indispensable, you'll understand it as never before with this meticulously researched, lovingly written exploration.

growing great garlic.jpg

The first garlic book written specifically for organic gardeners and small-scale farmers

Growing Great Garlic is the definitive grower's guide written by a small-scale farmer who makes his living growing over 200 strains of garlic. Commercial growers will want to consult this book regularly.

The author tells us:

  • which strains to plant

  • when to fertilize

  • when to plant

  • when to prune flower stalks

  • how to plant

  • when to harvest
    Plus, how to store, market, and process the crop

Growing Great Garlic makes a genuine contribution in the field of garlic classification that will help the public recognize several distinct varietal types of garlic.

backyard growing garlic.jpg

Backyard Farming: Growing Garlic is your expert guide to successfully tending and harvesting garlic.

Growing Garlic covers a broad range of important topics, including selecting the right variety of garlic for your wants and needs, storage and preservation  methods, recognizing common pests and diseases, and incorporating garlic into your diet, among many others.

With Growing Garlic, you will:
• Learn when and how to plant to get the most out of your garlic crop
• Utilize garlic as the perfect companion plant to improve the health of your entire garden
• Learn the various methods of planting garlic, allowing you to work within your schedule and workload
• Learn to harvest your garlic and prepare it for sale or personal use
• Discover a variety of delicious homestead recipes
...and many more tips and tricks from experienced farmers ...

garlic edible bio.jpg

Garlic weaves a colorful, engaging story about one of the world's timeless ingredients--perfect for food lovers, devoted eaters, and readers of culinary narrative.

Garlic is the Lord Byron of produce, a lusty rogue that charms and seduces you but runs off before dawn, leaving a bad taste in your mouth.  Called everything from rustic cure-all to Russian penicillin, Bronx vanilla and Italian perfume, garlic has been loved, worshipped, and despised throughout history. No writer has quite captured the epic, roving story of garlic—until now. While this book does not claim that garlic saved civilization (though it might cure whatever ails you), it does take us on a grand tour of its fascinating role in history, medicine, literature, and art; its controversial role in bigotry, mythology, and superstition; and its indispensable contribution to the great cuisines of the world. And just to make sure your appetite isn’t slighted, Garlic offers over 100 recipes featuring the beloved ingredient.

growing garlic john.jpg

"Growing Garlic - A Complete Guide To Growing, Harvesting and Using Garlic" is for anyone who wants to learn how to grow their own delicious garlic at home. This popular plant has been worshipped as a god, used as currency and is very popular as a healing herb and culinary ingredient. Being such a popular plant, people like to grow it at home. Despite it being relatively easy to grow, it can be difficult to get it to mature successfully. Many people lose their crop and never manage to harvest their own garlic. I wrote this book to give you a simple to follow, step-by-step guide to successfully growing your own garlic and getting it to mature. The first time you dig up your own fresh garlic bulb will be special indeed. When you read this book you will get tips and advice, helping you to plant your garlic, tending it through to harvest time and then storing it so it lasts for months. In "Growing Garlic - A Complete Guide To Growing, Harvesting and Using Garlic" you will find out:

  • The History of Garlic - learn where garlic comes from and why it is such a popular plent

  • Types of Garlic - discover the many different types of garlic and their growing requirements plus which are the most popular types

  • How to Grow Garlic - find out exactly how to grow garlic, from ideal soil conditions to planting, feeding, watering and more

  • Harvesting and Storing - understand what you need to do in order to store your garlic correctly so it lasts for 6 to 12 months

allicin heart.jpg

This book will show you how to combat and even reverse a wide range of ailments especially microbial disease caused by bacterial, fungal and viral infections, including: Allergies, Bacterial Infections, Colds, Diarrhea, Gum Disease, Ringworm, Arthritis, Bites, Cold Sores, Eczema, Lyme, Sinusitis, Asthma, Candidiasis, Colitis, Enviromental Toxins, Cholesterol, Viral Disease, Athlete's Foot, Chest Infections, Congestion, Fungal Infections, Psoriasis, Wound Infections and lots more! You will learn how Allicin can: *Protect you from viral diseases spreading across the world *Defend you against fatal infections like TB, smallpox, and flesh eating bacteria *Learn how to prevent the deadly "superbug" MRSA from spreading throughout the healthy population as well as among those who are most vulnerable *Save money on your doctor and hospital bills *Prevent infections from returning to invade your body Peter Josling is Director of the Garlic Center based in Sussex, England, established in 1993 to provide an independent source of information about the medicinal, culinary and general properties of garlic. The garlic Center also advises commercial companies, research establishments, goverment agencies and the press and media. in 1997, Josling also formed a specialty chemicals division to provide key garlic components including alliin, allicin and ajoene for research and product formulation..

glorious garlic.jpg

Why Garlic ... Well ... Why Not? The answer lies in time; herbal and healthy foods have stood the test of centuries. Modern drugs have been around for far less time. And garlic ... well, garlic has been used in compounded remedies with herbs and other foods for over 6,000 years.

Did you know that ...

  • Garlic is called a "cure-all" and a "wonder food."

  • Numerous scientific studies s how that garlic has a significant role in the prevention of heart disease.

  • Ancient civilizations used garlic to boost sexuality.

  • Garlic is an anti-aging remedy that belongs in every older person's health regimen.

  • Garlic has been around for centuries - both in real life and folklore.

The saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" could easily be altered to a clove of garlic a day keeps the doctor away.

Glorious Garlic! reveals how to enhance cooking as well as dealing with ailing body parts and body systems.

Garlic is inexpensive, easy to acquire and simple to grow. If virility is on your menu to enhance your well-being, garlic may be one of the pluses in your life.

Glorious Garlic! You will be delighted with delicious and healthy recipes for appetizers, soups, side dishes and main courses. Enjoy. Feel Good and live longer!

garlic is life.jpg

Chester Aaron’s book “Garlic is Life” is a classic and my favorite piece of garlic literature. His memoir (with recipes) begins locally in North Butler where he grew up. The prolific author is poetic when describing his youthful love of garlic in the book. “The explosion of sharp garlic pungency that invades the air settled in my ragged sweater and shirt, in my long winter underwear. Wherever I wandered, in the classroom, on the playground, or, at night, huddled beneath the blankets, I tasted garlic at the back of my throat.”


A charming story that combines a love of garlic with an extraordinary life, this is a college teacher turned Sonoma County garlic farmer's account of his introduction to the herb—from his family's farming techniques in former Soviet Georgia to his experiences supplying some of the best restaurants in the country. Growing tips and recipes are included, as well as close-up photos of a few of Chester's rare varieties.


In Pursuit of Garlic: An Intimate Look at the Divinely Odorous Bulb - by Liz Primeau

Packed with fascinating facts, practical advice, recipes, and engaging personal stories, In Pursuit of Garlic is a paean to this spellbinding, versatile, and tasty little vegetable.

For much of the past century, garlic has been dismissed by many as vulgar. Today it is undergoing a renaissance. Not only are more people cooking with it, but they are also growing it in their backyards. And scientists are increasingly interested in garlic's antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-parasitic qualities, as well as its potential as a treatment for cancer.

Bestselling author Liz Primeau's love affair with garlic began when her teenage boyfriend took her to an Italian restaurant. Now she leads us on a tour of garlic's role in history, art, medicine, and science. She also discusses the many varieties of garlic—from Russian Red to Kettle River Giant—visits garlic fairs in search of France's elusive L'ail Rose, and explores the issue of the ubiquitous Chinese garlic. Inviting us into her kitchen, she shares garlic-centred recipes, tips on growing your own, and the secret of the knife smack.

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