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"Everyone Says I Have Bad Breath."  Canvas Print.


A scene straight out of a surreal cartoon unfolds in a therapist's office. A plump bulb of garlic, sporting a worried expression, sits sheepishly on the plush couch. Its voice trembles as it confides in the doctor, "Everyone says I have bad breath, Doc! But I'm just trying to be authentic!" The bemused doctor, clearly stifling a smile, leans back in his chair, adjusts his glasses, and replies, "Well, garlic, being true to yourself is admirable, but perhaps a little moderation is key." This quirky artwork humorously highlights the unique character of hardneck garlic, grown with Montana's spirit, while offering a gentle reminder that even the most flavorful ingredients benefit from balance.


This art is a Canvas Print with a Solid Frame. 


Select the Size that Will Work Best for Your Space.   Thrill your walls now with stunning Garlic prints from our Garlic Farm.  A vibrantly colored garlic art image is printed for you to create an intriguing focal point.



Everyone Says I have Bad Breath. Canvas Print.

  • Your Canvas prints are custom-made for you, and each order requires two to three weeks from the time of your order, to delivery time.


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