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"Raven Loves Garlic."  Canvas Print.



In a stark and beautiful Montana landscape, a raven, known for its intelligence and resourcefulness, perches triumphantly. Its sharp eyes gleam, not at prey, but at a treasure trove clutched in its beak: plump bulbs of hardneck garlic, the pride of GroEat Farm in Bozeman. This isn't mere coincidence; ravens have a surprising fondness for garlic, utilizing its pungent properties to deter parasites. Does this raven intend to indulge in a solo winter feast, its dark feathers contrasting the vibrant purple streaks on the garlic, or will it share its bounty, inviting magpies or other feathered friends to a garlic-infused gathering? The artwork poses a delightful ecological mystery, showcasing the unexpected connections within the natural world. While humans appreciate garlic for its culinary and health benefits, this artwork reminds us that its unique charm extends far beyond the human plate, captivating even the most cunning creatures of the wild.


This art is a Canvas Print with a Solid Frame. 


Select the Size that Will Work Best for Your Space.   Thrill your walls now with stunning Garlic prints from our Garlic Farm.  A vibrantly colored garlic art image is printed for you to create an intriguing focal point.



Raven Loves Garlic. Canvas Print.

  • Your Canvas prints are custom-made for you, and each order requires two to three weeks from the time of your order, to delivery time.


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