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"Two gnomes harvesting garlic"  Canvas Print.


The golden light of the setting sun cast long shadows across GroEat Farm, Montana as two gnomes, Pip and Squeak, faced their toughest challenge yet: a single, gargantuan hardneck garlic bulb. This wasn't your average grocery store clove; this behemoth, a glorious purple-striped Music variety, looked more like a boulder than a bulb. Undeterred, Pip and Squeak, their faces smudged with dirt and determination, had come prepared. A sturdy rope, thicker than Pip's arm, was looped around the garlic's bulbous neck, while a rickety but determined-looking tractor, barely bigger than a gnome-sized lawnmower, stood by.

"Alright, Squeak," Pip puffed, his beard bristling with exertion, "on three! Heave!" Together, they strained against the rope, their little legs kicking up puffs of dusty earth. The tractor, piloted by Pip's wife, Petal, let out a valiant sputter and lurched forward, its tiny engine groaning with the effort. The giant garlic budged, rolling an inch or two, then stubbornly settling back into the ground.

Pip and Squeak exchanged a look, their disappointment quickly replaced by a shared grin. They loved garlic more than anything, and this magnificent specimen was worth the fight. With renewed determination, they adjusted the rope, Pip barking out orders like a gnome general, and Squeak squeaking encouragement. Petal, ever the supportive wife, honked the tractor's horn (a mere squeak, but a horn nonetheless) in solidarity.

As the stars began to twinkle in the darkening sky, their efforts were finally rewarded. With a mighty heave, a triumphant shout, and a final sputter from the tractor, the giant garlic bulb yielded. Rolling triumphantly towards them, it left a furrow in the earth as deep as a gnome-sized moat. Pip and Squeak cheered, their gnome-sized hearts overflowing with pride. Even if it took all night, they knew they'd get their prize back to their cozy gnome home, where this legendary bulb would be the star of their next garlic-infused feast.


This art is a Canvas Print with a Solid Frame. 


Select the Size that Will Work Best for Your Space.   Thrill your walls now with stunning Garlic prints from our Garlic Farm.  A vibrantly colored garlic art image is printed for you to create an intriguing focal point.



Two gnomes harvesting garlic

  • Your Canvas prints are custom-made for you, and each order requires two to three weeks from the time of your order, to delivery time.


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