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"Bears Hugging Garlic"  Canvas Print.


In a scene overflowing with fuzzy warmth, a mama bear and her cub cuddle amongst a bounty of freshly harvested hardneck garlic. The mama bear, her fur the color of burnished honey, wraps a protective arm around her cub, who clutches a giant garlic bulb with glee. The inscription below reads, "Love is in the air!" It's a hilarious and heartwarming tableau, capturing the undeniable bond between mother and child, all united by their love for the pungent treasure in their paws. After all, who says bears can't appreciate the exquisite flavor of hardneck garlic? This artwork is a delightful reminder that love, family, and a shared appreciation for good food can create the most heartwarming moments. And hey, we can't help but agree – hardneck garlic truly is delicious!


This art is a Canvas Print with a Solid Frame. 


Select the Size that Will Work Best for Your Space.   Thrill your walls now with stunning Garlic prints from our Garlic Farm.  A vibrantly colored garlic art image is printed for you to create an intriguing focal point.



Bears Hugging Garlic. Canvas Print.

  • Your Canvas prints are custom-made for you, and each order requires two to three weeks from the time of your order, to delivery time.


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