50 + Garlic Bulbils (True Garlic Seed)

50 + Garlic Bulbils (True Garlic Seed)

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We are offering True Hardneck Garlic Seed.  Garlic Seed is different from Seed Garlic.  Let me explain.  Seed Garlic are individual garlic cloves that are sepearted from a garlic bulb.  Garlic seed (which is this item) are formed at the end of the garlic scape. 


With 50+ Garlic Seeds ( Bulbils) you can grow 50+ garlic plants.


True garlic seed are the small, rice or corn colonel-sized seeds that develope at the end of the curved, hardneck garlic scape.


These Hardneck Garlic Bulbils are Non-Gmo Heirloom Seeds.


Every year, GROeat Farm grows thousands of garlic plants, and let a few of them go to seed.   We harvest these "seeds" (which are called bulbils, and are actually a miniature, tiny garlic bulb).


bulbils typically range in size from a grain of rice to a corn popcorn. For those of you who want to increase garlic stock cheaply, this is the way to do it. It takes 2-3 years to get them up to the big bulbs every one likes.  The first year, you will get a golf-ball sized bulb with no cloves.  The second  year, the bulb will have individual cloves.








    Garlic propagation is often acheived by planting garlic cloves, also referred to as vegetative reproduction or cloning. Another method for commercial propagation is on the rise too which is growing garlic from bulbils. 


    BOTANICAL NAME: Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon

    LIFE CYCLE: Annual

    GARLIC TYPE: Hardneck

    DAYS TO MATURITY: 240-280 days


    Quantities are limited; order early for best availability.

    PLEASE READ: We do not ship garlic to Idaho, Canada, Hawaii, Guam, or the Virgin Islands.