CULINARY GARLIC, From our farm to you

CULINARY GARLIC, From our farm to you

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SAMPLE THE FLAVORFUL WORLD OF HEIRLOOM GARLIC!  Advance your love of Garlic by Exploring New Cultivars, and Take your Love of Garlic to the Next Level.  Order garlic directly from our farm, grown in beautiful Montana.  Our freshly cured garlic ships directly from our farm to your home kitchen.  Our garlic sampler packages contain at least 3 different cultivars of our favorite hardneck garlic.


Try a sampling of fresh, Garlic and see how it spices up your meal.  Our garlic is grown in the foothills of the Hyalite Mountain Range in Bozeman, Montana.  The Garlic Sampler Package includes unique strains of Top Picks from our harvest.  If you Love Garlic, you'll might find this package the freshest, and most delicious Garlic you've ever tasted.  Swap out that grocery-store garlic with fresh, delicious, hardneck garlic.  


Infuse your meals with the rich, robust flavors of mountain grown premium quality heirloom garlic. Immerse your culinary guests with delicious entrees that incorporate fresh garlic.  Make Pesto, Garlic Salmon Linguine, Guacamole, Black garlic, Fermented Honey Garlic, Chicken and Garlic with Fresh Herbs, Garlic Shrimp, Skillet Potatoes with Red Pepper and Whole Garlic Cloves, Garlic Lime Salmon, Tomato-Garlic Lentil Bowls, Garlic-Dill Soda Bread, Garlic Chicken & Broccoli, Onion & Garlic Biscuits, Greek Garlic Chicken, Mozzarella Mushrooms with Garlic Toast, Garlic Grilled Steaks and Creamy Roasted Garlic & Spinach Orzo.


Our mission at GroEat Farm is to grow premium garlic.   We help home gardeners, chefs, small-scale commercial growers, organic gardeners, plant nurseries, and anyone else looking for better garlic.  We are continuing a very long tradition of growing quality, gourmet and seed garlic.   We follow USDA Organic Practices and are an Organic Farm (Organic farms / 7 CFR 205.101(a)). and comply with the requirements in 205.200 - 205.299 of the USDA organic standards.  We preserve garlic varieties for the future, and to provide others with the opportunity to grow garlic from our seed.



GroEat Garlic is shipped beginning in September, depending on the season and the variety. Quantities are limited; order early for best availability. Sorry, not available to Idaho or Canada.  



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