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Georgian Fire has a beautiful rich, garlic flavor.  Chefs, cooks, and taste-testers have labeled this incredible variety among the most richly flavorful and palate-pleasing garlic available.  The bulb size is large.


  • One of the hottest garlic; hence the name "Fire".  It is full-bodied and strong with heat that builds to a wonderful crescendo.
  • The raw flavor is intense and sweet, with a creamy finish
  • Often used to make excellent salsa and is a preferred garlic variety for eating fresh, pickling, or roasting
  • Approximately 5-9 rose-skinned cloves per bulb and 6-8 bulbs per pound
  • 2" and larger diameter bulbs


Plump cloves are covered in gleaming magenta/tan skins with purple streaks, and the whole bulb is wrapped in white, delicate, tissue-like covers.   Roasting really brings out the flavor of Georgian Fire!    During the growing season, these garlic plants grow tall, are robust and very cold and hardy. A truly magnificent variety that hails from the Republic of Georgia.


GroEat Garlic is shipped beginning in September, depending on the season and the variety. Quantities are limited; order early for best availability. Sorry, not available to Idaho or Canada.

GEORGIAN FIRE (Hardneck, Porcelain)

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  • Georgian Fire is planted in the fall, soon after the first frost and a few weeks before the first hard frost. The seed garlic bulbs should be taken apart into separate cloves not long before planting. Hardneck garlic requires vernalization (exposure to a period of cold temperatures) before or after planting. Plant cloves two inches deep, the pointed side up. Garlic does best with a loose soil with very good drainage and a pH of 7.0 optimum. Plant in an area with full sun exposure.

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