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Get your hands dirty with The Famous GroEat Farm's First-Time Growers Package, a vibrant and bountiful sampler perfect for both budding and seasoned garlic enthusiasts. This delightful collection features an assortment of hardy hardneck garlic cloves, guaranteed to thrive and bring a burst of flavor to your farm.


Ready, set, grow! Join countless happy customers who've thrived with our hardneck garlic!


USDA hardiness zones 3, 4, or 5? That's the perfect spot to cultivate your own garlic bounty.


We're here to support you every step of the way. Let's get growing!



1st Time Garlic Grower’s Package

$33.00 Regular Price
$32.02Sale Price
  • First Time Grower Package of Hardnecl Garlic. Easy steps for a bumper crop of garlic

    1. Order your Garlic Seeds (garlic cloves)

    2. Prepare the soil.

    3. Plant.  Place the cloves at least 6 inches apart in a furrow. Hold each clove pointed end up, and push it into the soil about 2 inches deep.

    4. Fertilize and water.  Fertilize a few times during the growing season; Once early in April, and again in May.  Try a solution of liquid kelp and fish emulsion.

    5. Harvest in late July or early August when the plants have five or six green leaves, and three or four that are beginning to turn brown near the bottom of the plant.

    6. Don't rush!  Be sure to cure your garlic in preparation for storage, hang the bare bulbs with their foliage in bundles or spread them out on a rack or vented surface.  Clean the dirt off the garlic, being careful not the bruise the head.  Do not remove too much of the protective, papery skins.

    7. After two or three weeks, trim the stem from the head.  In other words, cut the hardneck stem from the bulb, about an inch or two above the head.  Trim the roots to a quarter inch.

    8. Store garlic bulbs in a cool, dark place for long-term storage.


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