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We're saying a temporary farewell to our beloved Purple Glazer garlic! While stunning and flavorful, it appears our Montana high elevation and extremely frosty winters might be a bit too much for this beauty to thrive. We haven't given up hope though! We're constantly trialing new varieties, and hope to revisit Purple Glazer in the future when we have some acclimation magic under our belts. In the meantime, explore our other amazing hardneck garlics that flourish in Montana's unique climate!  Likely Purple Glazer would grow best in USDA Hardiness Zone 5, 6 or 7.


Purple Glazer is a beautiful garlic.  Forget everything you thought you knew about garlic, because Purple Glazer is here to steal the show! This mid-season superstar isn't just gonna impress your taste buds, it'll blow your mind with its looks. Imagine the most stunning royal purple, splashed with shimmering gold and silver highlights. That's the kind of magic you get with Purple Glazer's clove wrappers. And the best part? This isn't just a pretty face. Purple Glazer, a champion among its baked garlic kin, packs a powerful flavor punch that's all good vibes and no fire (no aftertaste either!). Plus, peeling these beauties is a breeze, so get ready to unleash your inner garlic chef!


Purple Glazer has beautiful purple outer skin, and a strong garlic flavor.  The skin surrounding the cloves is a deep magenta.  The garlic cloves are white-cream in color. This hardneck,  purple marble stripe varietal is beloved for its depths of flavor.


  • Each bulb has between 3-7 large cloves.
  • Most are 2" and larger diameter bulbs.
  • Incredibly flavorful garlic, with nice aromatics.
  • Garlic heat that is balanced by the spiciness.
  • Easy-to-grow and cold-hardy.
  • Stores well in cool, dark conditions. 
  • Technically a ‘Purple Marble Striped’.
  • Bogatyr has streaked clove skins similar to Rocamboles.


Purple Glazer is a very popular hardneck garlic and is prized for its beautiful color and large size.  This garlic has a long storage potential and strong field performance in cold climates.   Bogatyr can produce big bulbs with fat, easy-to-peel cloves.   Skins are very thick and tightly wrapped, with a creamy-white appearance.    



Approximately 1 pound of our Purple Glazer equates to around 5 - 6 individual bulbs.  Each bulb has between 4 - 7 cloves.  In simple terms, 1 pound of Purple Glazer should yield approximately 36 individual plants.


GroEat Garlic is shipped beginning in September, depending on the season and the variety. Quantities are limited; order early for best availability. Sorry, not available to Idaho or Canada.

Purple Glazer (Hardneck, Purple Marble Stripe)

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  • Bogatyr is a garlic planted in the fall, soon after the first frost and a few weeks before the first hard frost. The seed garlic bulbs should be taken apart into separate cloves not long before planting. Hardneck garlic requires vernalization (exposure to a period of cold temperatures) before or after planting. Plant cloves two inches deep, the pointed side up. Garlic does best with a loose soil with very good drainage and a pH of 7.0 optimum. Plant in an area with full sun exposure.

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