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It is Not Too Late to Plant Hardneck Garlic in 2023.


We are offering Porcelain, Hardneck garlic ready for planting.  The garlic has already gone through an 9-weed Vernalization (exposure to cold temperatures) and the garlic cloves (seed garlic) can be planted as soon as your soil is workable.  Porcelain Hardneck Garlic includes  Music, Georgian Crystal, Rosewood, Ivan and German Extra Hardy.


The garlic is sold by the pound.  One pound of seed garlic typically consists of five-seven garlic bulbs.  Each garlic bulb contains on average, six garlic cloves.  Cloves = Seed Garlic.  One pound of garlic will typically produce around 36 garlic plants.


The Garlic Cultivar is Not Labeled.  Garlic bulbs are Mixed Together.


Our mission at GroEat Farm is to grow premium garlic.   We help home gardeners, chefs, small-scale commercial growers, organic gardeners, plant nurseries, and anyone else looking for better garlic.  We are continuing a very long tradition of growing quality, gourmet, and seed garlic.   



Quantities are very limited; order early for best availability. Sorry, not available in Idaho or Canada.  



Spring Planting Garlic

SKU: Seed Garlic 1LB
$26.77 Regular Price
$25.76Sale Price
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