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GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana Music Garlic
GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
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GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
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Premium Garlic

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We invite you to join us in the enchanting journey of our Hardneck Garlic Farm. Nestled amidst the majestic Hyalite Mountain foothills in Montana, our farm stands tall at 5,410 feet above sea level, where we cultivate the finest hardneck garlic.

Our culinary adventure commences in October, as we lovingly plant plump hardneck garlic cloves in soil enriched with organic goodness. These cloves, akin to tiny adventurers, take root and settle snugly into the earth, preparing for their winter slumber beneath a blanket of frosty snow.   Imagine being a plump garlic clove, snuggled into the cool fall soil taking a dirt nap. That's exactly what happens when you plant garlic in autumn. Over the next few weeks, the clove gets busy growing a cozy blanket of roots. Then, the fun starts! Tiny earthworms wiggle by, and playful soil scouts scamper past, giving the clove the gentlest tickle imaginable.  But these little tickles might actually be a wake-up call, letting the clove know it's surrounded by loving friends who will help it grow big and strong come spring!


With the arrival of spring, nature orchestrates a symphony of renewal. The melting snow, nourishing rains, and revitalizing sunshine converge to awaken the dormant cloves. Witness the miracle as vibrant green shoots emerge, heralding the birth of new garlic plants.  As stewards of this verdant domain, we infuse each stage of growth with devotion and care. Our hardneck garlic, nurtured in nutrient-rich soil, flourishes into bulbs of unparalleled beauty and flavor. From this bountiful harvest, we offer heirloom varieties meticulously curated for both consumption and propagation.  At the heart of our endeavor lies a deep-seated passion for garlic—the culinary cornerstone revered by gastronomes far and wide. With its genetic blueprint and inherent vitality, garlic embodies the essence of growth and sustenance.

We at GroEat Farm, the custodians of this verdant legacy, facilitate the flourishing of garlic plants into prized bulbs cherished by connoisseurs. The delicate nuances and velvety textures of our Montana garlic harmonize seamlessly with a myriad of recipes, bestowing upon dishes an aromatic symphony of flavors.

Our garlic, with its broad appeal, beckons to all enthusiasts of this aromatic treasure trove. Join us, dear friend, as you join our garlic saga. Together, let us embark on a journey through the fragrant corridors of culinary excellence, where every bite is imbued with the timeless allure of garlic's embrace.

Estate Grown.  We only sell what we grow on our farm.  This is our honest truth. 

GroEat Farm Offers Hardneck Garlic That Is Pesticide-Free,  and Non-GMO. 
Our Garlic is Pure, Simple, and Natural.   

GroEAT Garlic is Grown in Montana using Organically-Rich Soils, Organic Compost, and Organic Worm Castings.

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Seed Garlic  
Culinary Garlic
"Cage Free"
"Free Range Garlic"

Exceptional Garlic

Seed and Culinary Hardneck Garlic

GroEat Farm, LLC

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We Love Garlic

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Welcome to Our Garlic Farm.

At GroEat Farm, we're a family dedicated to cultivating the purest, most delectable hardneck garlic you can find. We believe in the magic of growing by hand, from planting each plump clove to meticulously removing weeds (though we might let out a gentle "Arrg!" every now and then). Our mission is simple: share the beauty and deliciousness of hardneck garlic with you.   We're passionate about providing top-quality garlic for everyone. Whether you're a home gardener nurturing a tiny plot, a renowned chef whipping up culinary masterpieces, or a bustling grocery store bringing flavor to your community, GroEat Farm is here to be your garlic partner.

We take pride in growing exceptional hardneck garlic - the kind that elevates your seed stock or tantalizes your taste buds. Our deepest gratitude goes to all of you who've chosen GroEat Farm garlic, from seasoned gardeners planting heirloom varieties to those just starting their garlic journey. We welcome new friends with open arms, excited to share the joys of growing this amazing crop with you.

If you're searching for premium seed garlic, delectable cloves for your kitchen, or simply a taste of garlic love, reach out to GroEat Farm. We'd be honored to be part of your culinary adventure.

Garlic lovers with a taste for something much much better, should try the hardneck garlic from GroEat Farm.    

I'm here to answer your questions.  Jere Folgert.  Bozeman, Montana.  Phone: (406) 580 1314         Email:

Garlic Selection:


    Vampires probably would not survive at the Montana GroEat Farm - with all the hardneck garlic around!  

    GroEat Farm has something way tastier for those pesky vampires: hardneck garlic galore! This superstar ingredient is the secret weapon behind countless delicious meals. But garlic's power goes way beyond flavor. It's like a tiny superhero in your kitchen!

    Garlic 101: This ancient rockstar has been around for thousands of years, used for everything from seasoning food to fighting off illness.  Nature's Antidote: Turns out, garlic is one of the oldest natural antibiotics around. It can crush nasty bacteria like staph and E. coli, and even fight fungi like athlete's foot. Studies show garlic extracts can help kids recover from tapeworms and even kill cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Pretty impressive for a little clove!  Heart Hero: Research suggests garlic's special ingredient, diallyl trisulfide, helps protect your heart during surgery and after a heart attack. It might even help treat heart failure in the future! Bonus points for diabetics - garlic oil may help protect your heart too.  Blood Pressure Blaster: Science shows garlic can lower your blood pressure and even reduce bad cholesterol. This means better circulation, a healthier heart, and a happier you!  The Takeaway:


    GroEat Farm's garlic isn't just delicious, it's a powerhouse for your health. So next time you're chopping some garlic, remember you're adding a tiny superhero to your dish!

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