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GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana Music Garlic
GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
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GroEat Garlic Farm Bozeman Montana
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Premium Garlic

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We Want to Share our Beautiful Hardneck Garlic With You.  We Begin by Planting Beautiful, Plump Hardneck Garlic Cloves in Organically-Rich Soil, just before Halloween.  The cloves develop roots and anchor themselves in the dark, rich soil. During the Winter, the Garlic Takes a Long Cozy Nap, Under Many Inches of Frozen, Cold Snow.  Our farm is 5,410 feet above sea level. 

In the Spring,  After the Snow Ments, Early Rains, Soil Nutrients, and Sunshine Work Together to Help the Cloves Produce New, Vibrant Green Garlic Plants.  Beautiful New Garlic Bulbs Develop in the Rich Soil.   Then We add Love.    Our Hardneck Garlic is the Favorite of Most Everyone.  We've Shared our Garlic with Folks all Across the United States. Our Garlic Grows in the Organically-Rich Soils of the Majestic Hyalite Mountain Foothills.  Our Veteran-Owned Farm, Offers Heirloom Hardneck Garlic for Eating and Planting.   Join Us on this Beautiful Garlic Journey.  We Would Like You to be part of the Garlic Story.

We are Garlic Farmers.  We Plant Garlic in Organically-Rich Soil and Help the Garlic Plants Thrive. Garlic has the Necessary DNA and Instructions to Grow, Thrive and Produce the Next Generation of Bulbs.  We are Garlic Facilitators.  Our Garlic Plants Produce some of the most Highly Prized Bulbs, as the Delicate and Smooth Flavors of our Montana Garlic work in Harmony with Choice Recipes, to Create Fragrant, Bright, ad Well-balanced Flavors.  Our Garlic Appeals to a Broad Range of Garlic Lovers. 

GroEat Farm Offers Hardneck Garlic That Is Pesticide-Free,  and Non-GMO. 
Our Garlic is Pure, Simple, and Natural.   GroEAT Garlic is Grown in Montana using
Organically-Rich Soils, Organic Compost, and Organic Worm Castings.

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Seed Garlic  
Culinary Garlic
"Cage Free"
"Free Range Garlic"

Exceptional Garlic

Seed and Culinary Hardneck Garlic

GroEat Farm, LLC

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We Love Garlic

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